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Terrain Implements Disc Mower

Price starts at $5,900

Terrain Implements
DRM-1700 / DRM-2100
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Compact Disc Mowers for your compact tractor.  Now you can cut your own hay or other crops without upsizing or hiring out. Can be used to harvest tall native grasses, pasture, herbage such as alfalfa, ryegrass, oat grass and so on… with high efficiency. The floating cutter bar can easily go up and down, following the contour of the ground without disturbing it. Break-away cutter bar for protection against collision of solid or unseen objects.
1. The disc mower quickly cuts through heavy, high crops without wrapping or plugging. Will also work for light thin grass. It is suitable for native grass, alfalfa, corn and other stalks such as cat tails.

2. The mower can be raised quickly for turning or transport without adjusting the 3 point hitch by raising the hydraulic lifted cutter bar.

3. Suitable for wide range terrains and contours, level and unlevel.

4. More efficient than reciprocating mowers.


Model DRM-1700 DRM-2100
HP Requirements 35–55 HP (16–25 kW) 45–65 HP (20–29 kW)
Working Width 67″ 84″
Overall Width 100″ 116″
Working Speed 4–10 KPH 4–10 KPH
PTO 540 RPM 540 RPM
3-Point Hitch Cat 1 & Cat 2 Cat 1 & Cat 2
No. of Discs 4 5
Height Adjustment 3pt. and Hydraulic (1 outlet req.) 3pt. and Hydraulic (1 outlet req.)
Weight 814 lb. (369 kg) 880 lb. (399 kg)