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MK Martin Light-Duty Rear Blade

Price starts at $1,125

MK Martin
MKGB567 / MKGB667
New / Used:


1 years

The Light Duty Series of Rear Blades extends our dependable line of rear blades, adding 3 new models designed specifically for your 30 HP or smaller compact or sub compact tractors.

Designed for pushing or pulling material, the mouldboard can be easily rotated by removing the locking pin and spinning the blade to the desired position. Two left and two right setting forward and full blade reverse ensure that you move material just the way you want it.

Forward or back these 3 new grading blades from MK Martin provide the control you need to tame your domain.


  • Fixed Skid Shoe
  • Blade Assembly
  • Floating Top Link
  • Segmented Wheel
  • Slip Clutch
  • Chain Curtain Option


Model MKGB567 MKGB667
Required Horsepower 30 HP (22 kW) 30 HP (22 kW)
3-Point Hitch Cat 1 Cat 1
Width 60″ (1,524 mm) 72″ (1,829 mm)
Weight 149 lb. (68 kg) 155 lb. (70 kg)
Reverse Yes Yes
Mouldboard 3/16″ Material 3/16″ Material
Mouldboard Height 15″ (381 mm) 15″ (381 mm)
Cutting Edge 3/8″ x 6″ Reversible 3/8″ x 6″ Reversible
Angle (Control) Yes (Manual) Yes (Manual)
Angle (Position) 5 Stops Forward / 5 Stops Reversed 5 Stops Forward / 5 Stops Reversed
Warranty 1 year 1 year

* Based on field performance