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HLA Snow Pusher 1800 Series

Price starts at $2,800

HLA Snow
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SP180084 (84″):

The 1800 Series Snow Pusher is sized for compact tractors and skid steers, from 2,000 to 4,000 lb. operating weight. This pusher is ideal for homeowner driveways.


Steel Cutting Edge: Our cutting edges are designed to be easily replaceable and are reversible to give you twice the life.

Double Sidewall: Welded double sidewalls eliminates bulky braces and reduces material build-up, leaving only smooth clean lines inside.

High Tensile AR400 Adjustable Steel Skidbars: AR400 high tensile skid shoes for optimum performance and prolonged cutting edge life.


Model SP180084
HP Rating 40–60 HP (30–45 kW)
Blade Width 84″ (213 cm)
Mouldboard Height 24″ (610 mm)
Depth 21″ (533 mm)
Maximum Machine Weight 4,000 lb. (1,814 kg)
Hitch Type Skidsteer quick attach
Cutting Edge Replaceable, reversible
Skid Shoes Adjustable, replaceable
Weight 555 lb. (252 kg)


Back Drag: Equipped with a steel edge on the back drag, this option is ideal for back dragging away from doors and loading docks for an even cleaner finish. Edges are drilled for either rubber or steel optional bolt-on cutting edges.

Snowblade Marker: Add this to your blade for better visibility and blade position awareness.

Poly Bolt-On Endplate Runner: Recommended for use with the rubber cutting edge option, helps prevent surface damage.

Rubber Cutting Edge: The optional rubber cutting edge is available for select models. Standard on SP1800R models.