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Bercomac 56″ Claw Grapple

Price starts at $2,500

New / Used:


701015-1 (56″):

Ideal for all types of clearing jobs on your lot. You may now move light materials such as branches, rocks bales of hay and other light debris easily to clean the area safely and quickly. It also can be used to pull up bushes.

This claw grapple will fit onto all tractors equipped with a “skid steer” style attach with a maximum of 30 engine HP, with 3rd function hydraulic valve and a weight of maximum 3000 lbs along with a hydraulic system of up to 2400 psi.

May be hooked to the front or rear hydraulics using the optional hose kits.


Universal fit: Pre-assembled at the factory for fast installation and use. Mounts to universal “skid steer” style attach.

Powerful: Sturdy yet lightweight allowing to lift heavier loads.* Positioning of hydraulic cylinders increases pressure applied to jaws.

Security: Strategic design and size of cylinders will help reduce the risk of damage to the hydraulics.

*Lift capacity is specific to the tractor’s capacity less the weight of the grapple of 235 lb. with a maximum of 1,400 lb. 


1. Claws are made of CHT-100 steel and are 1/4″ thick. 5 tines on top and 6 at the bottom.

2. Equipped with 2 cylinders of 2″ in diameter with 6 inches of stroke allowing the grapple to open up to 30″.

3. The lower claws are smooth to assist in sliding under material and the upper claws are saw tooth to grip into the load.

4. Quick attach onto the “skid steer” type of attach.

5. Parking stand assists in installing the grapple and is used for storage. Folds up when grapple is being used.

6. Heavy duty grade mounting pins for secure assembly.

7. Made of CHT-100 steel. Reinforced by beam of 2 x 3 inches.

8. Lateral reinforcements to secure grip on load during operations.


Model 701015-1
Max Required HP 30 HP (22 kW)
Width 56″ (142 cm)
Weight 235 lb. (107 kg)
Tines 11
Hydraulics 2,400 PSI