CULTIVATE YOUR DREAMS! - Premium Compact Tractors

CULTIVATE YOUR DREAMS! - Premium Compact Tractors






Not sure which tractor is right for you? We currently sell two makes of new tractors. 

Mahindra is the #1 selling tractor in the world by volume and is one of the top premium compact tractors on the market today, with better performance than its competitors and the best warranty in the industry.

LS Tractors (Leading Solution) are an exceptional value tractor with more features and options on their premium models. They have excellent loader lift capacity and are backed by a 5 year powertrain warranty. World class tractors from South Korea.

Please note that most tractor franchises do not permit the listing of their prices online so please use the price request link for pricing information in the product details or contact us.

When comparing tractors, make sure both tractors are in the same category with similar hp, weight, lift capacity, and features.  view the difference between a garden tractor, subcompact tractor, compact or compact utility tractor, utility tractor, and a farm tractor.

Not sure what HP is needed to run an implement? click here to view our HP compatibility charts

Not sure what an abbreviation or tractor term means? click here to view our glossary 

MahindraMahindraNow offering a 7 year warranty! The best in the industry.
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