Terrain PPT32 Potato Planter

Terrain PPT32 Potato Planter

Terrain PPT32 Potato Planter
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Shipping delays due to COVID-19 - Looks like we'll miss the planting season :(
Ideal simple machine for planting large plots of potatoes, oinions, garlic or other tubers. 

3PH mounted with ground driven conveyor lift cups that lift the seed potatoes out of the hopper and plant automatically.
The adjustable front shovel digs the furrow and the rear shovels cover and hill the potatoes.
The rear rider platform allows for a spotter to look for any empty cups on missed potatoes.
Plant in one pass!

Models: PPT32 303 lbs.
HP: 15 - 50hp
Hitch Cat. 1
Wheel Width 28"
Plough Shovel Width 29" O.C. w/ adjustable depth
Drive Ground driven
Plant Spacing 12 1/2"
Row Spacing 20"
Steel Hopper 200L
Tires Air filled
Warranty 1 Year
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